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About the product

What is Bag Tag?

The Bag Tag or Luggage tag is the latest product from the wide range of Cardprints ID solutions intended for those who travel a lot, and traveling is an integral part of their lives. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, organizing holiday trips or transporting passengers to their destinations, it is important that luggage is well marked and that it could be easily found, in minimum of time and with a low risk of confusion, and in a manner that will simultaneously ensure protection of the personal data of the owner.

Suitcase with someone’s personal belongings will not get lost if it is marked with the personal data of the owner, and in the case of accidental loss or confusion, the problem can be solved more easily.

What is special about the BAG TAG concept?

The specially designed BAG TAG provides all the necessary information about the owner, his destination and all the general data, while his personal data remain protected. A specially designed mechanism makes personal data stored on the card accessible only by authorized personnel and the owner of the bag whilst protecting it at the same time from other persons.

Why is this important? Experts advise to avoid putting visible personal data on luggage tags in order to prevent possible inconvenience while traveling: theft of personal data, burglary, etc. This is why BAG TAG is the ideal solution.

The purpose:

To make it easier for the passenger to recognize his own piece of luggage among many similar suitcases, and thus avoid confusion and loss.
To enable tour operators to handle the luggage more easily and more efficiently and to avoid possible misunderstandings.
It contains all the necessary data about the passenger and his destination, as well as the contact details of the travel company, while the personal data of the passenger are protected.

For whom Bag Tag is intended?
For travel agencies, passenger transport companies, car rentals, airlines, individuals...


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